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4-type aerobics after meals for a slim life

4-type aerobics after meals for a slim life

A set of four types of lower abs aerobics, each exercise about 36 times each time, you can achieve the function of activating the body.

  The first type: Dantian’s lower abdomen Shenji points Method: Relax and spread your fingers naturally, and gently pat your own belly with the most obese place.

Gently pat, just like eating a baby’s back with a full meal.

Then the thumb is retracted into the palm of the hand first, and the other four fingers are called fists, called empty punches. Use the empty punches to gently pat the fattest part of the lower abdomen. The empty punch method is better and deeper, but the air of the fist heart will not hurt.

  The second type: palms in a circular motion and rubbing the abdomen. Methods: Straighten your hands, place them on top of each other, and place your thumbs on your belly button. Cross your palms on your belly button.

  After inhaling a little, close the lower abdomen and rub your hands clockwise 36 times to help your stomach move. When rubbing, you will feel a slight warmth of the palms and abdomen.

  The third type: the first method of degreasing with dragon claws: Open your hands slightly like a dragon claw, and gently rub the fattest area of your lower abdomen.

The upper right of the lower abdomen is the liver and gallbladder, the spleen, and the stomach in the middle of the lower abdomen; knead the liver and gallbladder to mum, and knead the spleen and stomach to fat.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, the kneading action is more detailed than tapping. If you feel pain during kneading, it means that the liver itself is not functioning well. At this time, try to use less force instead of causing more pain.

Pain is a warning if you touch it lightly. See your doctor right away.

  The fourth style: Yu Chan sucks really thin abdomen Method: Hold your belly with the most obese place with both hands.

Inhale quickly and vigorously with both hands raised up, then exhale and relax.

It is the most intense form of tapping and vomiting. It is like running a hundred meters suddenly. Your brain will feel dizzy if it absorbs too much oxygen at once.

Some people get dizzy if they can’t do it 36 times, so the particular highlight is different from person to person, don’t force it.

If you get dizzy after doing five or six times, it means that your physical strength is very poor, don’t continue to do it, take a break.