”I want Big Brother out of the bus together, but I did not let him go to school a car, sports car back in order to make money, you can go to the city to open tricycle.”

  After coming home all about it, and finally lay down in a warm blanket, Lin Jiancheng looked on his arm, hand and hugged Zhao Orange, said this thing.
  At that time the house was that their three sons, Lin Jianguo say it, I’m sure will chime in rivers, although Lin Jiancheng no promise of meaning, can be indispensable to help find a way out, or else certainly can not avoid body.
  If before, he stood up and walked a ma杭州桑拿n is, the evening left the village are the norm.
  But now the concern more, Lin Jiancheng treat the old one side of the roundabout attitude a lot of people.
  Stone house in the village newly built, Lin Jianguo also told Zhang Shufen this thing.
  Zhang Shufen listening, think it makes sense, but still a little worried, “open tricycle earn real money?”
  Although this is the case ten days without a man ran out half a month, you can still feel Zhang Shufen follow this road less than the husband’s brother came running truck safely, after all, that road is the husband’s brother had stepped into a flat road.
  Lin Jianguo itself is often a journey to the heart hair counseling, plus dinner to his brother to consider all aspects, and gave his analysis of the principal and the preparation he needs to do, Lin Jianguo has identified the 苏州夜网need to support the family, open tricycle on it, no need to have to drive the wagon.So at the moment Lin Jianguo longer speak, bias is quite clear, after listening to the words of Zhang Shufen, gruffly said: “I say the more the more repair road in town, the car people can have, certainly make money.Besides, the younger brother saved up so long to buy Dongfeng car, you do not give a penny to make money out of the bus wanted to follow?Also learn to drive enrollment coupled with the driving test, learn the most, is also beginning to take an apprentice wages.”
  Zhang Shufen also persuaded almost, but his mouth still said: “The brothers are, back wages?Casually points and consequently not enough?”
  Lin Jianguo stand up, back to Zhang Shufen, do not bother to tell her to say: “brothers that you have to divide what money?”
  This hate, Yede Zhang Shufen long while to speak.
  Lin’s house, Lin Peng river is also a large flower with saying this thing.
  Lin Jiancheng use the service actually agreed to hear the eldest son, Peng spent quite unexpected, can not believe asked again it is not true.
  Forest river shifted his body, comfortably sighed rather mixed feelings, “It seems that the wife discuss well, did not build it alone before the.”
  Think of Lin Jiancheng holding orange with Linda Shun Zhao Lin Ershun Guzhe picture, Peng large flowers nodded in agreement, really changed a lot.
  Have to describe it is becoming more accessible, and before the eyes that see their children, with the wolf really like the mountains, deserted to anyone.
  Now Huadu Peng also remember that expression when the younger son had first hold large-shun, what feelings are not, her life she had never seen before.


  The next day, early in the morning send deposit thin Mu went to the exuberant court.
  Up to the door, Liu Yan Wan Yu and Ning have been waiting in there.
  Just four people converge, aside another car stopped.
  Soon, Xia Yun down from the car and Mu Zhanfeng.
  Xia Yun wi天津夜网th a big sunglasses, even so, exuberant Mu could see her mouth some bruises, a look that hurt some days, just have not slipped go.
  Muzhan Feng lawyer standing next to him.
  Piles of people see each other one, did not exchange a word, each entered the court.
  This time, sitting in Mu exuberant and thin save the gallery.
  When about to hold a hearing, and people come in, exuberant Xieni a Mu.
  Mu thousands of rain.
  Mu thousands of rain dressed in a low-ke深圳桑拿网y black skirt, holding hair.
  Makeup looks.
  And did not take long not seen, thousands of rain Mu’s face did not look the past, some glazed eyes, the people lost a big circle.
  Even almost do not hold up the skirt.
  She is a person to come.
  Saw thousands of rain Mu, Mu exuberant also pretended not to see.
  The court soon.
  Xia Yun temporarily changed since the last testimony, what led to this, said Xia Yun, Yan Ning things are more than twice as grounds to prove her words can not be trusted.
  The disparity between the two parties more strength.

  The last time things and after the collapse, according to Muyun Yan, Paul Chun and Lin Xuan month on the family stayed there about ten days fast.

  These days they have to be inside the home, not go out.Although Lin Xuan Qin Peian month also know that in some plans, but also it can not wait.
  ”After we came back before, I really was too anxious.Bright was thinking must take the kick quickly out of the invigilators inside, but they forget a lot of things.”Paul Chun finished, he began to consider the what should eat those fruits.
  After a while, Paul Chun Han Yu satisfied tasting the cloud sent her over the fruit, how very satisfied.
  ”You try, yes.”
  Linxuan month or anxious, but Paul Chun like t广州桑拿网his, she got used to.So Linxuan month shook his head, then played an apple on the table on eating up.
  But think of what Paul Chun, facing another shirt Tsing Yi Su Lin Xuan their own side of the month, said: “how the capital inside the shop two days of news?”
  Lin Xuan frowned slightly dated, it seems to be the thought of those unhappy things.She sings Paul Chun said: “Abhay, why did you let me now be transferred to the target’s body shop Chia.”
  Linxuan month thought, or that their truth.”Instead, we throw in there no matter Bright, is not it?”
  Paul Chun slightly stunned for a moment to look Linxuan month, “how could matter Bright, but we do not have to have seen Bright yet?She said, it may be more a few days in jail inside.Besides those jailer down, I have packed up, the Bright will not have any problem.”
  Linxuan month know, every time I asked her to answer her are like Paul Chun.
  ”Well, do not worry, trust me, you can come back up to two days of Bright.”Hey Paul Chun gave himself a grape, really good.
  Du also busy the whole side of the official came back and saw two people sitting under a tree, he also took up a stool to sit together.
  Linxuan month to see myself but Paul Chun, so turned to full-Du said: “Du whole, you say you own lady was kept in prison, you do not worry you?”
  Paul Chun Du looked forward to the full, and looked Linxuan month.Then careless smile against Linxuan month, said: “I’m fine, two days can be seen every day Bright.Although Bright was closed, but I believe there is always a way to rescue Mrs. Bright, is not it?”
  Paul Chun nodded, “of course,.”
  Then Paul Chun against Linxuan month, he said: “You see how Du whole I believe is.”
  In fact, these words are deliberately said Paul Chun Lin Xuan month to listen to the meaning of these two days of the month too anxious Linxuan.Sometimes too anxious, it can not become the thing.
  But Linxuan month did not understand, but also as a true general there crying with Paul Chun Jin.
  ”Abhay, you’re saying I do not believe you, right.”
  Paul Chun laugh, “Actually, I’m there, a little bit.”
  After a few people where he opened a joke for a while, finally link the topic to topic.
  Paul Chun against Linxuan month, said: “Do you know why do we now?”
  ”Do the authors and say the emperor these days for businesses to re-textile fabric to the capital at it matter?”Linxuan month not stupid, these two days Paul Chun has indeed collected a lot of news.
  Even for a lot of things before the official offi北京夜网cial said, Paul Chun has been the message fully to understand clearly.But now Linxuan May not realize it, this is for what Paul Chun.

  The so-called poor, but also want to take advantage of it righteous.

Chapter 146
  Gone on to December, Shen Qing Yue Wu smoke and went to the capital to take advantage of New Year holiday.
  Haicheng to now not go down, listen Haicheng locals said that last year under so much snow is rare in previous years, I have not seen so much snow.
  But the capital is not the same, they just landed, that the sky will float the snow goose feather, to pick their car for no more than the General Assembly, on the ground spread a layer of white snow Ying.
  Wu smoke like to see snow lying on the window looking out, turn the eyes Gululu, overflowing with joy.
  Simcheong more afraid of her cold to come up with a scarf from the bag, she pulled the last turn, “put on the scarf, the 北京桑拿按摩next question will pull the neck to be frozen.Tomorrow it will be thicker, to accompany you when a snowman how ”
  Wu smoke turned, necks let him wear a scarf for himself, his mouth said, and “Snowman Well, I want a big point, although last year’s big snow, but of too fast, or north snow here is good, looking fun.”
  ”You want to play, what fun is not fun.”Shen clear and touched her ear, cold, and her hands clutching.
  Heart misses will be to give her his hat.
  This time they are to go directly to the compound, the first months of Shen Yan and Chen Qing white micro-back, staring at the heavy security following the treatment, is now back to the compound, gave birth rate still working on them, and so completely recuperate well, Shen following the security for the country can continue to do things the.
  Him this status, even to the particular older, some of the activities to attend or have attended time.
  Moreover, he has not arrived yet so much older, and now it has only less than 70.
  This is the level of their people, it is still in the old can do things.Really want to retire, has also been estimated that seventy to eighty a.
  Wu smoke did not come before, but always called me and care about, know SHEN Ji security body can now, slowly raise for treatment, it has also been the next year.
  The car is heavy security following the trip special vehicles, specially to the airport they took, to the compound gate was allowed to go directly.
  The house have long to wait for them to come up, just knock on the door was opened from the inside.
  ”Brother Hap上海夜网py New Year.”Wu smiling at cold smoke with a face of Shen Yan Qing.

  Lin Mei beads against his senior sister apprentice said: “If this is the case, senior sister apprentice, you will come back to you later?”

  Knowing that reason senior sister apprentice such leave would be because Linxuan month to go to solve their own side of things.广州桑拿网Lin Mei Pearl knew he should not prevent senior sister apprentice, after all, is senior sister apprentice knot, if this knot untied, then all subsequent no sense, but she still felt a little worried.
  So powerful opponents, thanks to Linxuan month flanked Paul Chun helped her be able to.There is such a person, Lin Mei beads to leave his senior sister apprentice was able to put a little more heart.
  ”Of course I will come back, so I solved my side of things will return to your side and you re-emergence of martial art.”
  This is the most important commitments Linxuan month, and this is all she owes.
  Although now there is no way to adjust their status Linxuan month, he returned to the martial art inside, but she still believe themselves and other things will be back.
  After all, thisWhere is she raised her birth place, Linxuan month’s mind was here, she will not have to give up some of the things outside their home.
  Lin Mei Pearl looked Linxuan month, stubborn and helpless eyes blink blink again and again, eventually agreed to the point.
  But she still against his repeatedly asked the senior sister apprentice, and other things here is resolved, we must return to her side as soon as possible.
  Then Lin Mei beads went out, after going out with Han people one by one farewell.
  She said to go back, after preparing martial art side of things, being back here probably will not come to the rescue.
  Time to say farewell, Lin Mei hold all the beads for a moment, to Han Yu cloud, Han Yu Yun looked at Paul Chun had wanted to refuse, but the forest has already mei beads flew Han Yu cloud arms.
  ”Thank you, brother Han.”
  Paul Chun will see out Linxuan month also assured nodded their two junior sister apprentice is finally this thing to solve the.
  ”Abhay looks a lot better today.”
  Evening dinner, Linxuan month the sight of Paul Chun, then against it, said Paul Chun.
  Paul Chun Han Yu Yunhuai against the inside of his own people around him to be tightly escorted, obviously have their own good about it, but they insist Han Yu cloud escorted Paul Chun.
  ”Sister really do much better?Why brother also helped her.”
  Han Han Yu forget to look at the early cloud gingerly helped, then I do not quite understand and asked.
  This question, everyone laughed.Bright and especially Linxuan month, two people out there laughing almost bending beneath the.
  Paul Chun did not know where the funny, but also probably understand things out in her own body.Shake her head, then pushed himself Han Yu cloud came over.
  Leaving the place where the cloud Han Yu do not know what to do, then shook his head Paul Chun, Han Yu cloud will follow the ride in the past.
  This way, let them know if the original Han Yu Yun also intends to Paul Chun to hold out, which will not earthshaking.

  Yu Lin quickly waved.

  Of course she could not let her take the package to help exuberant Mu, Mu but exuberant say, I’m also quite unexpected.
  These days training, lectures of special people say, many stars are approachable surface looks, in fact北京夜网, privately vastly different personalities.
  Many have their own small problems.
  Assistant, do not put the star as a friend, we must find out, is the star of his boss.
  Yu Lin also took those words to heart.
  This, Yu Lin Mu exuberant initiative to help with the luggage, Yu Lin Mu flourishing and feeling this person is very good, but the training did she dare not relax.
  In case Mu is flourishing say.
  Two people to the location, Mu flourishing as a heroine, of course, is to live a single room.
  Yu Lin lived next door to her.
  In order to facilitate the exchange of two men exchanged letters and phone number of micro.
  Mu exuberant crew back less than a week, Yan Ning received a phone call telling her Muzhan Feng’s case to the court of secondary.

Chapter 82
  Mu This exuberant crew back a few days.
  She has always been filming representatives of model workers, once only shoot a movie, do not roll play, rarely leave.
  This time let her leave with the opening of the director, Mu exuberant embarrassed, Yan Ning can only ask: “This lawsuit grasp it big?I’m not okay?”
  ”Quite simply, this time on the basic sentence, in fact, as long as Ms. Liu to appear on it.”Yan Ning answering, thought he said,” but thin wife, I have to say here about the advance, bigamy indeed violated the law, but its social harm caused is not large, even sentencing, basically They are suspended and indemnity.”
  ”I know.”Mu exuberant nod.

  ”Tang Tang she really can not see at all is a star ah, day school together and we eat together, with no shelf.”

  ”Before it was said Tang Tang is the school bully, I laughed a lot, okay, if Tang Tang is the school bully can bully her adoptive mother and sister like that, he came to the school was able to drop water bottles?I used to dislike her, but she was in a class and six months, and now she does not know how to see pleasing to the eye.”
  ”Tang Tang ah, really, and before network transmission is completely different ah, learning very seriously, spoke very cordial, no close contact with her, she did not know how good.”
  ”Tang Tang is not the school bully she’s a thief, okay, ah heart arsonists stole my heart!!!!”
  Before the serious came to see the last one, we laugh spray directly, mainly the students not only boys, it was a very, very handsome little brother.
  Comments ha ha ha area at the same time a trial of strength to ask what this little brother microblogging is that it also asked the little brother debut.
  Kobayashi this video to Tang Tang looked, Tang Tang read the last seal Qianyang, laugh spray directly.
  The child six months but not longer the handsome, on this mobile phone comes with a camera, all non-general cool.
  Tang Tang school bully originally broke the news, there is no evidence, there is now a large wave of students to testify directly to Tang Tang, Tang Tang school bully charges directly scrubbing clean.
  The recent series of revelations contact, before Tang Tang Yan Yan and later, even the way people, slowly understand the tricky inside.
  Before Tang Tang broke the news a lot of so-called “black stuff”, Yan Yan Zhi Buding is out there deliberately engaged.
  Now Tang Tang about them all write-clean, but added a black Yan Yan.
  We deliberately ridicule, you can endure you wash ah, as long as you can count your powerful clean.
  But how to wash?
  Yan Yan Yan Yan broker also be a headache gas.
  Yan Yan vowed that before and she assured, holding Tang Tang Lin director wanted, want Tang Tang topped the bill; also Yan Yan and her assurance, Tang Tang bullying classmates thing is true, ab广州桑拿solutely not fake.
  Yes, she believed, she put out the word, the result now face was swollen shoot.
  What is holding Tang Siu-tong, the fact is that I’m acting director despise your broker intolerable asked her, “Are you acting in the end how the?”
  Before the film “regent” when the crew some people said privately Yan Yan acting to die, she did not mind, but now I’m the director said she was acting directly backwards, and that is really die.
  Yan Yan in the end is what happened?
  Yan Yan did not want to answer this question, there is no way to answer, brush micro-blog for a while, fifty in ten hot search and she has a relationship, not a good thing to open all her curse.
  Yan Yan gas threw the phone, faint of heart some tears, “Now is the time to say this?”

  Man sitting in his place, and she also did the same action.

  All in all, a thin deposit was only 16 years old received the Bo family, intuitively, the behavior has been established.
  However, the man of action calmly drinking tea, to admire the exuberant feeling is – a natural elegance.
  Although the three-tier dessert tray arrayed different things, but only Mu exuberant eyes staring at the top and adorable cake, asked the man opposite: “I can eat it on top of the cake?”
  She was afraid that this afternoon there are rules, such as having to eat a sandwich or something深圳桑拿网.
  You may face such a lovely cake, where she still has feelings eating a sandwich.
  ”I can be, like, you also can add.”The man laughed.
  Mu exuberant happy face, reached out to the top level of the cake to get your own plate, with delicate metal fork small piece into his mouth.
  The following piece of dessert cake is red velvet texture, delicate taste, slightly sweet.
  ”good to eat!!”Mu flourishing at the time say the word, his face filled with a happy face.
  One could not help but be removed, stored handed thin lips with a fork.
  Man action on girls stunned at first, but soon opened his mouth, the girl sent down for dessert.
  See men eat, Mu exuberant excitement asked: “How does it taste?”
  Thin deposit: “ah.”
  In fact, thin deposit before do not really like to eat dessert.
  Presumably this dessert is flourishing Mu fed him to eat, thin deposit which will only feel particularly delicious.
  Mu exuberant himself to eat a mouthful, said filming began to deposit thin met thing.
  Thin deposit on quietly listening, sometimes go along.
  Girls laugh when will accompany her laugh together.
  In fact, not much to be flourishing Mu.

  ”This will certainly not vote, ahead of such a point of time.”

  Staff doing the final struggle.
  Buns Couguo a “wide to.Two hours in advance, with wide Meal.”
  He finished, but also with a small finger paused on the flat, “wrote here.”
  staff member:.
  Yuyao Yao Ni susceptible to coercion with murderous eyes, had helped her to call the Air Division to ask things Meal.
  Because more than a vote today is not the weekend with the holidays, the airline actually really.
  And ticket program group, has always been full price, not the discounted tickets, can really Meal, and he also bought a ticket for a small buns.
  Zhao Yu, the director of the car, do not want to have to speak.
  Shen Yi Chong mouth twitched next to, in front of the photographer has been shooting would pick his eyebrow, “they still anxious.Come to me in advance.”
  Zhao looked at him askance, Shen suddenly felt like a big abandoned poor!
  Also be silly to comfort ourselves!
  And this has long been the big bully microblogging Yuyao Yao screen, has long put her to the top of the highest heat.
  ”My wife and I,” a special album release live link, immediately spot a lot of curious people into it.
  You start to question some of the sound, but was soon Shen Yi Chong this helpless look, try to be brave, then amused.
  Moreover, soon the mother and son of Sao operation, attracted their attention.
  To the airport, this mother and son wearing the same style of overalls, carrying a bag with animal models of.
  Yuyao Yao is a small green snake, a small bun was a little Huanglong!
  Mother and two almost hobbled down, merrily all the way selfie, a variety of positions.
  Other couples with luggage, it only took them just a portable packet.
  But this time, along with the staff had to come up with an envelope into her han苏州夜网d before boarding.
  ”I Sister, this is the trip you and your family funds.”
  During the “all you food and clothing expense spending, can not use their own money.”
  ”You need to carry a wallet, to give us custody.”
  The staff set the tone calm and spoke good rule.

  Here to her man, the heart is the Lord.

  Shu cool down, took another sip flower nectar.
  At this time, the taste of tea have been soaked, with a slightly bitter sensation.
  Mu and exuberant deposit a thin cold store Shu.
  Men who apologized: “Sorry, I want you to make a birthday gift, I recommend this to others, I look twice.”
  A few days before the birthday, it is considered the first birthday Mu and his exuberant together.
  At that time because of surgery did not go out.
  That want to give up a flourishing Mu.
  ”What apology, as Miss cold so beautiful woman thinking about my husband, my husband explained attractive ah.”Mu exuberant man hanging beside pointed to a cafe look very petty,” to accompany me to eat afternoon tea, it was a birthday gift!”
  ”it is good.”
  Next to this cafe is full of flavor Petty.
  Because it is not a rest day, the cafe and no guests, they are arranged in a window seat on.
  Soon, tea set up.
  Exquisite gilt white porcelain tea set placed in front of the two, as well as three snack tray.
  The lowest is a sandwich, the middle layer stocked with scones, jam and cream and store characteristics, and the top, it is a few desserts and macaroons.
  Proposal for tea, but this is just the coffee shop door stands a sign that says the shop has afternoon tea.
  When these things on the table, Mu exuberant realized that she seemed to propose something beyond their knowledge of things.
  After the waiter came over to ask whether milk tea, only pour tea for two.
  Mu exuberant picked up the cup to drink a mouthful,Wh淡水桑拿网en tea, Mimi looked quiet rise across a thin deposit.