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Be a sane employee who talks about integrity

Be a sane employee who talks about integrity

Huang, who previously worked for a printing and packaging company in Nanhai District of Foshan City, was resentful. When he resigned, he deleted the company’s computer’s internal production value of more than 40,000 yuan. The company was brought to court.Some 3 years in prison.

Huang took the initiative to leave without a salary increase. Although these documents were designed and produced by Huang, the court held that it was a work product and belonged to the enterprise. Individuals had no right to dispose of it.

  This incident reminds people in the workplace that leaving should also be honest.

As a sensible resignee, you should grasp the following aspects.

  Leave room. If you voluntarily resign, give the company some time to consider. Armor employers should make trade-offs and make preparations.

Nowadays, some professionals like to constantly change jobs. As long as a company promises to pay a few hundred yuan more monthly salary, it will leave without permission, which will cause the employer to be passive, and sometimes there will be a “people paralyzed project” situation.

According to Article 31 of the Labor Law, if a worker terminates a labor contract, he shall notify the employer in writing 30 days in advance.

If the employer agrees with the resignation of the resignation, you can identify and train the successor within this period, so as not to cause passive work due to staff turnover.

Some responsible resignees often say hello before they resign, and actively train deputies, which is enough to help them successfully change jobs and leave a good impression on the company.

  It’s a good idea to gather a visionary resigner. After resigning, you may go to a new company to work or register your own company.

No matter how it develops, your relationship with the original company ends, because the original company is likely to become your future customer.

Visionary leavers will not deliberately destroy the customer relationship of the original company. On the contrary, they will continue to introduce customers to the original company, leaving an impression of honesty and trustworthiness.

On the contrary, there are also some people in the workplace who, because they have had trouble with the original unit, like to pull a large group of people to resign collectively when they resign, thinking that this can hurt the vitality of the company.

However, this also damages their own image. In the future, no matter what company they go to, they will locate the fortification, in fact, they will lose more than they pay.

  Do not take away a cloud of cloud. When handling the transfer process, be comprehensive, timely, and leave no tails, and turn into all kinds of tangible and intangible assets belonging to the company such as intellectual property rights, business strategies, sales outlets and other materials.The company’s competition keeps trade secrets for the company.

At present, commercial competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and trade secrets play a vital role in the survival of enterprises.

Due to the inadequacy of the integrity system, some people had a psychological imbalance when they resigned, and took away a large number of data and trade secrets of the original company, and then sold them to the original company. As a result, the original company was brought to court and took a lawsuit.

As a result, both the interests of the original company were damaged and their own future was ruined.

  Keeping in touch Every job is a kind of fate. After leaving office, it is good for the original unit and the resigned person to maintain contact with the original unit and maintain this fate.

  The author has Mr. Wen Youding, who is now the Deputy Chief Editor of B Magazine.

Democracy, he had applied for the position of editor of A Magazine. During the trial period, Mr. Ding found that the personality of the editor of A Magazine was very different from him. I am afraid that conflict will occur if we have been together for a long time.

Therefore, Mr. Ding resigned and received consent before the probation period expired.

After resigning, Mr. Ding became an amateur writer.

For several years, many unknown authors continued to send manuscripts to his e-mail box, and Mr. Ding forwarded all of these emails to A Magazine.

The editor-in-chief of A Magazine felt that Mr. Ding was a good person. He often invited Mr. Ding to write and recommended him to B Magazine.

After Mr. Ding went to B Magazine, the situation could not be resolved for a while. The editor of A Magazine also actively recommended a number of powerful authors for Mr. Ding, so that Mr. Ding successfully entered the role and eventually took the leadership position.