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Such a woman is not cute!

Such a woman is not cute!

● The makeup is too thick for women who are “not seeing the true face of Lushan”.

  ● The woman with her head curled and her shoes running around.

  ● A woman who throws feminine things carelessly.

  ● A woman who speaks loudly and loudly in public places.

  ● A woman who puts on makeup in public.

  ● Go out full of fresh, home-style pigsty woman.

  ● Women who are wary of all men and who think they may be hacked at any time.

  ● Take the meanness as profound and take pride as a bold woman.

  ● “Splash” women who dare to fight, trouble, wipe their necks, and hang themselves.

  ● Jealous woman who slams the jars at every turn.

  ● Women can’t see a woman for a long time.

  ● Zhang’s parents are short of Li’s family.

  ● A woman who is too soft on her parents and mother-in-law.

  ● For women who are young, beautiful, and good-looking, “won’t be pleasing to the eye”.

  ● Always look at her husband’s cell phone, pockets, and wallet in his back . Find a way to find a flawed woman.

  ● To women who are snoring and snoring with everyone.

  ● The rest of the boss has the courage to be a young girl.

  ● Boss is doing everything possible and the “service leader” spares no effort, but the woman who is arrogant to the subordinates.

  ● A woman who has tense interpersonal relationships, has a poor mass foundation, and feels great about herself.