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Improved skin beauty from head to toe_1

Improved skin beauty from head to toe olive oil

Olive oil, a bright and transparent liquid, can make your skin translucent.

It is said that the ancient Cleopatra Cleopatra used the olive oil to wipe her body every morning, and she had delicate skin and dark hair.

Her beauty thus conquered the conceited Emperor Caesar and General Anthony.

And now, young girl stars are also masters of skin care using olive oil. Would you like to join?

  1. Beauty face: A. After washing the face, use “olive oil + salt” to gently massage the face repeatedly to play a scrub and moisturize.

Then use a steamer or hot towel to cover the face to remove the dirt that is not visible to the naked eye in the pores, and increase the skin’s gloss and elasticity.

Or put a quarter cup of olive oil in the oven, heat it up, and take it out. After the temperature is moderate, apply it evenly on the face, which can effectively condition dry and sensitive skin.

  B, apply to the face, first wash the oil stain with warm water, gently wipe off the moisture with a dry towel, and then dipped the olive oil with cotton, and apply it on the face. After 10?
After 15 minutes, cover your face with a hot towel and wipe gently with a dry towel.

  C, 50 ml of milk, add 4-5 drops of virgin olive oil, mix with flour and spread the surface. After 20 minutes, wash with water. Long-term use can increase skin vitality and elasticity.

  D, break up one egg, add half a lemon juice and a little bit of coarse salt, stir well, and then add the virgin olive oil to the egg juice slowly to mix the two.

Masks can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays, and once or twice a week, it can even prevent wrinkles and promote smooth and delicate skin.

  E, is a mask made by mixing a spoonful of sugar with virgin olive oil, which is used three times a week to shrink pores and whiten the skin.

  2. Beautiful hands: There are only a few sebaceous glands on the back of our hands, and they are often exposed daily, so we need to replenish water and oil frequently, otherwise, the skin will easily become dry.

Whether in summer or winter, it is recommended that you bring a bottle of virgin olive oil with you and moisturize it when you wash your hands or feel dry to keep your hands tender.

Give your hands a special treatment once a week, massage them with a small amount of scrub for 10-15 minutes, remove the dead skin on the hands, and soak them in warm virgin olive oil for 5 minutes.

  3. Manicure: Pound a quarter of the cooked avocado into a puree, mix it with a tablespoon of virgin olive oil, then apply it on your nails, and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

  4, lip care: When the weather suddenly becomes cold, cold or gastrointestinal tract, people often have peeling and chapped lips. At this time, as long as you apply a small amount of olive oil, you can make your lips smooth again after two or three days.

Usage: Cover your lips with a hot towel before going to bed at night, and then cover your lips with a cotton pad and olive oil.

This is especially needed for those who apply lipstick every day to maintain their lips.

Many women now use olive oil to replace lip gloss, giving lips a natural luster.

  5, skin care: the skin is relatively dry in autumn and winter, especially the hand joints, foot joints and buttocks are easy to dry and produce wrinkles. Olive oil has a moisturizing and maintenance effect, which can make the skin restore natural elasticity.

It can be wiped three times a week when it is usually dry, and it can be wiped daily on particularly dry days.

  6, hair care: general hair care is very simple, just drop three or four drops of olive oil on the comb before combing the hair, and will not make the hair oily.

In addition, after shampooing, dry your hair like a conditioner, then evenly apply olive oil to the hair, and then wrap the hair with a hot towel for 10 minutes to make the hair shiny and supple.

Or add a few drops of olive oil to the conditioner to deepen the hair. When soaking in the bathtub, smooth the conditioner into the hair and then leave it alone.The vapor will help the conditioner penetrate.

  7, makeup and makeup removal: usage: apply makeup, drip 1 in the basic cosmetics?
2 drops of olive oil, apply evenly to the face after rubbing, and the skin will become shiny and effective immediately. Makeup remover, put two drops of olive oil on the cotton pad to remove makeup, it can remove stubborn makeup, including water-resistant cosmetics.

  8, in addition to stretch marks: rub a spoonful of olive oil on the stretch marks, gently massage, long-term adherence, you can remove stretch marks, or make it lighter.

  9, anti-eye wrinkles: use: eye corner lines to deal with annoying fine lines, crow’s feet or fine lines on the eyes, you can use two drops of olive oil and aloe vera gel to mix and apply to the fine lines., I can’t see the texture immediately (you can directly put on makeup without washing it out when you go out).

  10, bathing: bathing with olive oil?

Too extravagant!

But the big beauty Sophia?

This is how Roland keeps skin moisturized and elastic.

But do n’t waste it when we use it. Just soak the olive oil with cotton, spread it evenly on the whole body, wrap it in a hot towel for 10 minutes, and wash it with warm water.

  11, Run: After taking a bath, add some olive oil in a glass of water and mix well. Drain it on every part of the body and massage appropriately to make the skin smoother.

  12, sun protection: olive oil makes ultraviolet light easily absorbed, and will not cause skin burns.

So in the sun but not very strong, you can apply olive oil to protect the sun.
  13, decontamination: olive oil can also be used as a decontamination cleanser, especially suitable for use in the ears, navel and other places.

It is usually a good cleansing oil that thoroughly cleanses the skin and prevents cosmetics from remaining in the pores, causing a small amount.
  14, foot protection: This is called the “secret recipe” for professional models to protect their feet: film on both feet.

Mix sea salt and olive oil at a ratio of 2: 1, massage your feet thoroughly, then dry them with a towel; massage your feet.

Add a few drops of olive oil to the vaseline and mix it to massage your feet.

  For foot cocoons and foot cocoons, in addition to properly supplementing soft and low-heeled shoes, it is also important to use nourishing oil to moisturize the soles. Choose virgin olive oil to apply to the soles of your feet when you sleep at night, wear cotton socks, and let the heat help the hair.The holes are opened, the oil is absorbed and the skin of the feet becomes soft and smooth. After getting up the next day, rub the cocoon part with pumice stones, and then wash with warm water.

Care once a week can polish the obvious results.